Beautiful Feet Books Review: Early American Homeschool History Curriculum

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Looking for a homeschool history curriculum for kindergarten through 3rd grade? Read through this Beautiful Feet Books Review to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Can I tell you a secret?

I never liked History in school. I found it painfully boring.

Nothing put me to sleep faster than listening to my teacher lecturing up at the front of the room about things that happened forever ago. And when it came time to remember dates for things like tests or projects, I was hopeless.

So when I decided to homeschool my kids, I knew I was going to have to find a way to teach history differently. I wanted to teach them in a way that actually made history come alive.

I wanted them to engage in the learning and not just see it as a bunch of dry facts.

Thankfully, I discovered Beautiful Feet Books.

In this Beautiful Feet Books Review, I’m going to share with you how this homeschool history curriculum has helped my kids (and me!) finally enjoy learning about history.

Let’s get to it!

Display of 23 picture books about early american history. Girl writing in a notebook. Text says: Beautiful Feet Books Review: Homeschool History Curriculum K-3!

I was compensated for my time reviewing the Early American History Primary Pack by Beautiful Feet Books and writing this post. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided.

Early American Homeschool History Curriculum

The Early American History Primary Pack from Beautiful Feet Books is a homeschool history curriculum that takes a different approach to teaching American History.

Rather than just teaching the students about what happened during different time periods, they learn through living books and hands-on activities.

You and your child get to really immerse yourself in the story of history while also learning important details and information.

Grade/Age Range

This homeschool history curriculum is designed for kids in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. I am working through it with my daughter who is currently in 2nd grade.

I had hoped my son, who’s in Kindergarten, would follow along with us, but he hasn’t been as interested.

The Teacher’s Guide has you read through a section of the book and then work through questions and discussion about what was read. I think this is where he loses interest.

I think if I were able to read through the books in their entirety, he would be more interested. I’m going to try again next year when he’s a little older and see how it goes.

Early American Homeschool History Curriculum book display.

What’s included with your purchase

With your purchase, you receive:

  • A Teacher’s Guide
  • 1 Blank notebook
  • 23 Full-Color Storybooks

You do have the option to customize your pack and remove certain books that you may possibly already have.

You can also purchase additional notebooks separately if you were planning to use the curriculum with more than 1 child.

Click here to see the full list of books included in the Early American History Primary Pack.

Don’t want to read? Watch my review here!

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Girl writing in her notebook

Beautiful Feet Books Early American History K-3 Curriculum Overview

The Early American History Primary Pack is a literature-based homeschool history curriculum. It is a Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum in that it focuses on learning history through living books instead of textbooks.

You and your child will read through engaging and history-rich stories and biographies that help paint a picture of what life was like in our country’s early years.

What’s covered

This curriculum covers events and history from 1000AD all the way through to the mid-1800s. Your family will read about the first Indigenous people of the Americas, the Vikings, exploration, colonization, and everything else leading up to the establishment of the United States.

How to use this curriculum

This curriculum is pretty simple to use and requires almost no prep on the part of the parent. All you have to do is open the page to the lesson for that day.

After reading the section of the book, you’ll work through questions and discussion points in the Teacher’s Guide to help solidify your child’s understanding of what they read.

There are also several hands-on activities included throughout the program to help your child really engage with the material.

Each lesson lasts about 20-30 minutes, including the suggested reading for the day.

Girl writing in her notebook with history books around her.

Beautiful Feet Books Review: Who would this curriculum be a good fit for?

This curriculum would be a great fit for anyone who is looking for a more engaging way to teach history.

Also, if you have kids who are passionate about reading, they will love getting lost in the stories in this curriculum. One of the reasons I wanted to use this curriculum, was because I wanted to help my daughter enjoy reading more.

I wanted her to get some practice reading and come to appreciate literature. I think this homeschool history curriculum has done that for her.

This curriculum would also be a great fit for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward program that doesn’t require a lot of prep on the parent’s part.

Lastly, I think this curriculum would be a great fit if you’re looking for a curriculum that you can use to homeschool multiple children at the same time. History is one of those subjects that are great for getting all your kids done at the same time.

With the wide age range of this curriculum, it’s perfect for homeschooling with siblings.

Girl reading a book.

Beautiful Feet Books Review: What We Liked About This Homeschool History Curriculum

My favorite part about this curriculum was the Teacher’s Guide. Rarely have I ever seen a Teacher’s Guide so beautifully done.

It’s full of pictures and activities and looks so nice, I mistook it for one of the books I was supposed to read to the kids.

And of course, I love any setup that allows me just to pick up the book and start teaching without having to do a lot of prep or figuring things out ahead of time.

The Teacher’s Guide lays out everything you need to cover and when you need to do it, so all you have to do is pick up the book and read.

My second favorite part about this curriculum is the discussion questions. Not only do they serve as a great way to check my daughter’s comprehension of the reading (or if she was even paying attention to me read 🙄), but they’ve sparked some really interesting discussions.

They’ve allowed her to ask her own questions and take our learning even farther. It’s also inspired quite a lot of vocabulary questions, which I always think is a good sign.

Beautiful Feet Books Review: FAQ’s

Do you still have some questions after reading through this Beautiful Feet Books review? No worries, I got you covered!

Here are some common questions that come up about this homeschool history curriculum:

What is a good homeschool history curriculum?

I would say any curriculum that covers a topic in-depth and factually and is interesting and engaging for your children.

A lot of curriculums out there will only cover the highlights or only teach one perspective of history. They leave out important facts that may not shed people in a good light but are important for children to learn.

I think a good homeschool history curriculum will introduce your child to different aspects of history, not just the famous people and events.

It should also be engaging so that your child doesn’t get bored and tune out.

How do you teach homeschool history?

There are tons of methods and philosophies for teaching history. Some families prefer the traditional method where you read through textbooks.

Others like videos and documentaries. Or you could try a literature-focused approach where you read a mix of living books, historical books, biographies, and textbooks.

You could also use projects and research to learn about history. It all depends on your teaching style, your child’s learning style, and your homeschool philosophy.

What religion is Beautiful Feet Books?

Beautiful Feet Books is a Christian company. However, I feel like this curriculum could easily be adapted for families who prefer a more secular approach.

I’ve only noticed occasional references to the Christian faith so far. These can easily be skipped or used as discussion points without detracting from the curriculum, depending on what you prefer to do.

Is Beautiful Feet Books secular?

Beautiful Feet Books isn’t secular but could be easily adapted for families who prefer a secular curriculum. You have the option to customize your packages and take off any books from the list that you would prefer not to read.

There are only minor religious references in the Teacher’s Guide, so you can easily skip over those if you choose.

What homeschool philosophy does it align with?

This homeschool history curriculum aligns with a Charlotte Mason homeschool philosophy. It’s designed to allow you to read through living books and then discuss what was read.

It also includes hands-on activities and other books and information to follow rabbit trails of interest.

So if you’re following a Charlotte Mason homeschool style, this would be a great fit for you.

However, I think this curriculum could be easily adapted to other homeschool philosophies. Here are some other homeschool styles that I think this curriculum would fit well with:

  • Eclectic
  • Traditional
  • Literature-based

Visit the Beautiful Feet Books website to learn more about their teaching philosophy.

Girl reading a book.

How long will my child need to spend on this curriculum each day?

Each lesson lasts about 20-30 minutes depending on how deep you and your child go with your discussion questions.

How long does it take to complete?

This curriculum is designed to only be done a couple of days a week. If you do 1-2 lessons per week, it would take you about 2 years. If you did 2-3 lessons a week, it would take you about a year.

How much parent involvement is required?

This curriculum does require a good bit of parent participation. At this age, you will probably need to read the book to the student and introduce the discussion questions.

The discussion questions also require feedback and interaction from the parent. However, with each lesson only taking about 20-30 minutes, it’s not a huge time commitment.

Can I use this curriculum with more than one child?

Yes! You could easily use this curriculum with more than one child. In fact, that’s one of the nice things about this homeschool history curriculum.

It allows you to teach more than one child at a time. Plus, you could easily reuse it later on with your other children.

The only consumable is the Notebook, and those can be purchased separately from the Beautiful Feet Books website.

Where can I purchase this Early American homeschool history curriculum?

To grab your copy of the Early American Primary pack visit the Beautiful Feet Books Website!

Early American Homeschool History Curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books Display

Final Thoughts on Beautiful Feet Books Review: Early American Homeschool History Curriculum

I hope this Beautiful Feet Books review has helped you get a better idea of what their homeschool history curriculum is all about. We really enjoyed this literature-based approach to learning about history.

If you have any other questions about this homeschool history curriculum, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at Follow me on Pinterest for more homeschooling tips and advice!

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Display of 23 picture books about early american history. Text says: Beautiful Feet Books Review: Homeschool History Curriculum K-3!

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  1. Hi Candice

    Do you know what books are included in Semester 1 pack? Im assuming is almost half of the full pack. I don’t find the details of how many books are included in this pack .
    My twins boys are 7.5 years old and I would like to get this curriculum

    • Hi Paulina,

      You’re right it’s half of the books. It includes:
      – The teacher guide
      – 1 Notebook
      – Lief the Lucky
      – Discovery of the Americas
      – Columbus
      – Encounter
      – Pocahontas
      – Jamestown, New World Adventure
      – Pilgrim Stories
      – Squanto’s Journey
      – Courage of Sarah Noble
      – Benjamin Franklin
      – The Fourth of July Story

      You can find all the details on this page: E.A. History Primary Pack Semester 1 Pack

      Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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