Homeschool+ Review: An Online Curriculum for PreK-2nd Grade

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Get an in-depth look at how Homeschool+ can help make homeschooling easy and enjoyable. Learn more about this online curriculum for PreK-2nd grade.

When it comes to homeschooling, the early years require a lot of time and energy. Before your kids can read, pretty much all of their schoolwork will be done with you right by their side helping them every step of the way.

And while that makes for some great memories and bonding, if you happen to also:

  • be a working homeschool parent,
  • have other kids who need your time and attention,
  • or are new to homeschooling and just trying to figure everything out…

Having to be responsible for every step of your child’s learning can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s so nice to find an online curriculum for PreK-2nd grade.

They help take some of the teaching and planning off your plate so you can easily make sure your child is getting a good educational foundation. One of my favorite online curriculums for this age is Homeschool+.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the details about Homeschool+ and why it’s such a great choice for the early years of homeschooling.

Let’s get to it!

Boy sitting in front of a laptop. Can of pencils next to a book. Text says: Homeschool+ - An Online Curriculum for PreK-2nd Grade

I was compensated for my time reviewing Homeschool+ and writing this post. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided.

Homeschool+: An Online Curriculum for PreK-2nd Grade

I recently got to try out a beta version of Homeschool+ and it has quickly jumped up the list as one of my favorite online curriculums. Homeschool+ is an online curriculum designed specifically for PreK-2nd grade learners.

Homeschool+ is made by Age of Learning, the same company that created ABCmouse and Adventure Academy. It offers adaptive, interactive lessons that are perfect to keep your little one engaged while they’re learning.

Considering I’ve used both of those programs with my oldest daughter, I was pretty excited to try out Homeschool+ and it didn’t disappoint. The curriculum was fun, easy to use, and I was quite happy with the subjects it covered.

What’s included with your purchase

With your purchase of Homeschool+, you’ll get access to their online curriculum for PreK-2nd grade. You’ll have a sign-in for you and your child to access the platform.

Your child will simply log in, click on their first subject, and they’re good to go!

Everything you’ll need is included with your membership. You’ll have access to the lessons, the lesson planner, and the progress tracker.

The parent dashboard, which includes the lesson planner and progress tracker is where you’ll assign subjects and check in with how your child is doing.

Boy using Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for Prek-2nd grade.


As far as online curriculums go, Homeschool+ is pretty affordable. Especially if you have more than one kid using the program.

The price is $49.99 with the monthly membership, until canceled, and you can get access for up to 3 children. You’ll get to track the individual progress of each child so you can see where they’re progressing and where they might need a bit more practice.

If you choose the annual membership, you can save 20% off the monthly pricing. They also have an option of purchasing the annual membership, but making 12 interest-free monthly payments via PayPal.

This brings the cost down to only $39.99 a month until canceled. I think the fact that they help make the monthly membership more affordable for families is a huge plus for the company.

I’m often in a position where I can’t afford to pay the annual price upfront, even when I love a curriculum, so I think it’s wonderful that they provide this option.

Head to their website to learn more about their prices and payment options.

Subjects Included

Homeschool+ covers all the important subjects for those first few years of schooling. Their program is broken down into three parts.

The first part is their adaptive math program called My Math Academy. It uses adaptive technology to help your child master everything they need to know from PreK all the way through 2nd grade.

The second part is their adaptive reading program called My Reading Academy. Similar to My Math Academy, it also uses adaptive technology which is designed to help take your child from just learning their letters to full reading comprehension.

The third part of the program consists of the other courses they offer. They have:

  • Language Arts
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Art

At this age, reading and math are definitely the most important subjects for kids to focus on, but it’s also important to introduce kids to other subjects too. Homeschool+ does a great job of making sure that all the basics are covered, but also providing some other important and fun subjects as well.

I also feel like they did a good job of keeping those extra subjects age appropriate and fun. For my son, who’s 5, some of his extra lessons consisted of topics like animals and habitats, community citizenship, and the human body.

Boy using Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for Prek-2nd grade.

How Homeschool+ Works

Now that we’ve covered the details of what this online curriculum for PreK-2nd grade is all about, let’s go into how it works. One of my favorite things about Homeschool+ is that it’s pretty easy to set up and go.

All you have to do is assign the subjects for your child. Once that’s done, your child can just log in and the program will automatically cycle them through the lessons.

As I mentioned, for the reading and math academy, the lessons are adaptive. The program will check to see if your child has mastered the lesson before moving on to the next one.

This means that your child won’t be stuck doing lessons that are too hard or too easy. They’ll get activities that are just right for where they’re at with their learning.

This also means they’ll be challenged the right amount to keep learning without getting frustrated or bored. I’ve used plenty of curriculums where I’ve had to skip through trying to find the right lessons for my son or felt like we were wasting our time doing stuff that was too easy for him.

The fact that Homeschool+ makes sure the lessons are right on target for your child is something that really stands out compared to other curriculums.

Assigning Subjects

The process of assigning subjects on Homeschool+ is pretty simple, so I wanted to give you a quick walk-through so you could see how easy it is.

Log in and choose your subjects

First, you’ll log into your account and click “Lesson Planner” at the top of the page. (They might prompt you for your password again.)

Next, you’ll see a list of subjects for the current week, Monday through Friday. Scroll down to see all the subjects you can assign your child. Simply click the “+” to the right of each subject to expand the scheduling area for that subject.

Then, you click the plus for the day of the week you want your child to work on that subject.

Boy using Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for Prek-2nd grade.

Customize your subjects

Now you get to customize your child’s homeschooling schedule to fit your needs. You can decide what days they do which subjects and even how long they spend on each subject.

You can also choose which subjects you want to use and leave the rest. For example, if you already have a science curriculum you love and you’re doing an art class once a week, you don’t have to include those subjects in your lesson plan if you don’t want to.

The ability to pick and choose how you set up your child’s schedule is one of the features I really like about this curriculum. You get to choose which parts will work best for your child and that’s what homeschooling is all about.

Sit back and watch your child learn

Once you’ve assigned the subjects and customized the length of the lessons, you’re good to go. The subjects will automatically appear in your child’s dashboard on the correct days.

And for the math and reading sections, it will actually let your child know when they’ve put in enough time for that program. The tile for that subject has a progress bar that shows how long they’ve worked on that subject.

Within the program itself, they have a progress chart that lets your child know when they’ve hit their goal.

Progress Tracker

The other area of Homeschool+ that you’ll use regularly is the Progress Tracker. This is where you can check in with how your child is doing with their lessons.

You can check in on how much time they’ve spent on each subject as well as which lessons they’re working on, which they’ve completed, and which they need some more support in.

This is another area where their adaptive technology really shines through. The progress tracker offers a much better insight into where your child is academically than most other programs out there.

You can see exactly which skills they need help with and they even offer recommendations and lessons you can do with your child to help them master that skill.

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Boy using Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for Prek-2nd grade.

Who Homeschool+ Would Be a Good Fit For

As I mentioned, Homeschool+ has quickly jumped the list to being of my favorite online curriculums for PreK-2nd grade. It’s been a great choice for keeping my son engaged and excited about doing his schoolwork.

Here are some other people who would also get a lot out of using this program:

  • Visual learners: If your child learns best through videos and seeing things laid out, this curriculum is a great choice.
  • Younger homeschoolers: This program is definitely a good choice for that 4-8 years old, homeschooling preschool through 2nd grade. The activities and lessons are mostly animated and definitely have more of a game feel to them. If you have an older child who is doing 2nd grade work, they might not enjoy the game-like feel of the lessons.
  • Busy parents: If you ever struggle with homeschooling because you’re balancing work, siblings, extra responsibilities, and all the things, this program is a great choice. Homeschool+ lets you easily set up lessons for your child without you having to be right over their shoulder the entire time while they’re learning.
  • New homeschoolers: I also think this program is great for new homeschoolers. It offers the reassurance and confidence that your child is learning what they need to right from the start.

What We Loved About This Online Curriculum for PreK-2nd Grade

The next thing I want to cover about this online curriculum for PreK-2nd grade is what we liked about it. You’ve probably caught on by now that we really enjoy using Homeschool+.

With three kids, I’ve tried more than my fair share of online curriculums and this has jumped up the list for a reason. Here is why it’s one of my favorites:

Adaptive Lessons

The number one area that this curriculum shines is its adaptive math and reading curriculum. It was one of the things that first caught my eye about this curriculum and I love how it works.

As a homeschooler, I’m sure you know how easy it is for learning gaps to occur. It’s so easy for skills to get lost or skipped without us even realizing it.

Homeschool+ helps to bridge those gaps in math and reading by adjusting and keeping your child focused on a particular skill until they’ve mastered it.

If you’ve got a child who can “cheat” the system and get through a lesson without actually understanding what they’re doing like I do, this adaptive technology offers a lot of peace of mind.

Boy using Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for Prek-2nd grade.

Engaging Videos

The next thing about Homeschool+ that I really like is that their lessons and the platform in general are very engaging. The math section has fun little shape characters that you have to help with your lessons and the reading section has a robot that my son loved.

Little touches like this helped make the lessons so much more fun for him and helped hold his attention. And any curriculum that I don’t have to fight my son to do is automatically a win for us. 🙌

Interactive Activities

Another feature of Homeschool+ that I really liked was that the activities were interactive. Especially for an online curriculum geared toward younger kids, this is a must.

My son is a typical 5-year-old with a short attention span. The lessons in Homeschool+ were interactive and helped him engage in his learning by more than just watching. He actually had things you needed to do in the lessons.

Plus, they offer offline lesson plans for their additional subjects (Science, Art, Geography, etc.). As convenient and useful as online curriculums can be, I love that they offer lesson plans and activities off the screen as well.

Boy using Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for Prek-2nd grade.

FAQs About Homeschool+: An Online Curriculum for PreK-2nd Grade

Still curious about Homeschool+ and online curriculums for PreK-2nd grade? Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is the best homeschool curriculum for 2nd grade?

Choosing the best curriculum for any grade is tricky. So much depends on your homeschooling goals, your child’s learning style, and your homeschool philosophy.

However, if your child is a visual learner and you’re looking to make sure they fully understand all the skills they need to confidently move on to the next grade, you should definitely check out Homeschool+.

Their adaptive technology can really help to reassure you that your child is truly mastering the skills they need.

How do you teach homeschool preK?

Teaching homeschool preK is all about helping your child explore and discover the world around them while building a foundation for later learning. The best online curriculums for this age group are those that offer interactive activities, engaging videos, and fun lessons.

Homeschool+ is a great option for this age level as it offers activities online and off-screen too. Plus, their adaptive technology can help your child move on to more challenging lessons when they are ready for them.

Boy using Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for Prek-2nd grade.

What should 2nd grade homeschoolers cover?

What you’ll need to cover can vary from state to state. However, here is a basic rundown:

  • Math: Addition, subtraction, mixed operations, time, money, multiplication, division.
  • Language arts: Reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar.
  • Science: States of matter, plants, animals, earth events, classification.
  • Social studies: Geography, government, cultural celebrations, historical figures.

For more detailed information on the requirements in your state, IXL is a fabulous free resource.

How long does it take to complete one subject in Homeschool+?

Homeschool+ is all about tailoring the curriculum to your child’s individual learning. For some kids, it could take a week to get through a lesson, but for others, it could take months. It really depends on how well the student grasps the material and how quickly they can move on to more advanced topics.

Is Homeschool+ accredited?

No, Homeschool+ is not an accredited online homeschooling program. However, their adaptive technology and focus on mastery can help prepare your child for future classes. It’s also a wonderful tool to use to supplement traditional curriculums.

Where can I learn more about Homeschool+?

To learn more about Homeschool+, check out their website here!

Final Thoughts on Homeschool+ Review: An Online Curriculum for PreK-2nd Grade

I hope this review of Homeschool+ – an online curriculum for PreK-2nd grade – has been helpful and that you have a better idea of how the program works.

If online learning is something that interests you and your child, it’s worth taking a look at Homeschool+ to see if it’s the right fit. With their adaptive technology, interactive lessons, and offline activities, they are a great choice for many homeschoolers.

Have you looked into this online curriculum for PreK-2nd grade? If so, let us know in the comments or email me at

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