Want Your Kids to Focus Better? 15 Great Desks for Homeschooling

Mom and son working at a desk. Want Your Kids to Focus Better? 15 Great Desks for Homeschooling

For some kids, the right workspace can make or break their productivity and focus. Check out these desks for homeschooling that help your child dial in and get their work done. My daughter leap-frogged from couch cushion to couch cushion as I asked her a math question for the fifth time. We had 25 minutes … Read more

5 Ways Beehive Helps You Feel on Top of Your Homeschool Schedule

Beehive parenting and homeschool management app on a phone with other desk supplies

Are your days feel a little hectic and stressed? Tame the chaos with Beehive, a parenting and homeschool management app! Do you often have days where everything feels a little crazy? Where you’re constantly scrambling to get everything done and keep up with your kids’ schedules. Sometimes you’re running late because you can never keep … Read more

Simple 1st Grade Homeschool Schedule for Kids That Really Works

1st grade homeschool schedule

Want to tame the chaos and help your homeschool day go more smoothly? Here’s a simple 1st grade homeschool schedule that actually works! OK, I know it’s probably totally type A of me, but I love a good schedule. I love knowing exactly what needs to be done, making sure I don’t forget anything, and … Read more

Editable Homeschool Schedule Template – 15+ Free Printables

Homeschool Schedule Template Free Printable

Looking for a way to better organize your homeschool? I’ve got you covered! Download the Homeschool Schedule Template – Free Printable or one of the other 15 planners. Plus read tips on how to create your own homeschool schedule. It’s happened to all of us… We have great intentions for all the learning that will … Read more

FREE Printable Homeschool Book Log – Reading Log for Kids

a homeschool book log and a reading log for kids

Looking for a way to keep track of your child’s reading progress? Check out our free printable homeschool book log! So we all want our kids to develop a love of reading right? Especially as homeschool parents, reading is important. Once kids begin to read… well, it opens up a whole new world! A good … Read more

Free Printable Chore Chart for Toddlers – Start Teaching Responsibility!

Picture of a printable chore chart.

Looking to start teaching your little one some responsibility and how to pick up after themselves? Grab a FREE printable chore chart for toddlers! Toddlers are cute, but they can be a handful. Between potty training battles and teaching them how to be more independent, it can be a lot. That’s why I love using printable … Read more

Simple Homeschool Kindergarten Schedule + Easy Tips on How to Create Your Own

Girl doing schoolwork - Simple Homeschool Kindergarten Schedule + Easy Tips on How to Create Your Own

Feeling a little unsure about where to start with homeschooling this year? One of the things that can help is having a homeschool kindergarten schedule in place. There are many great benefits of homeschooling, but when you’re first getting started you might be a little unsure about what it actually looks like. How long should … Read more