FREE Printable Homeschool Book Log – Reading Log for Kids

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Looking for a way to keep track of your child’s reading progress? Check out our free printable homeschool book log!

So we all want our kids to develop a love of reading right?

Especially as homeschool parents, reading is important. Once kids begin to read… well, it opens up a whole new world!

A good way to help encourage that love of reading, (plus keep things a little more organized for YOU) is to use a reading log.

You and your child can keep track of all their reading progress throughout the year with one of these free homeschool book logs.

Ready to check them out?

Picture of two printable homeschool book logs. Text says: Printable Reading Log for Kids

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What is a Book/Reading Log?

Before you grab a copy of the free homeschool book log, let’s go over what a book log actually is.

A book log, also called a reading log, is pretty much just a way to track what books your child has read so far. You can track for a few weeks, months, or even the whole school year.

They are also fun to track during school breaks or times when kids don’t often read as much. My kids and I tracked our books over the summer one year with prizes when they reached a certain number of books, and they LOVED it!

Why Keep a Book Log?

There are plenty of reasons to keep a book log. Especially as a homeschooler. Here are a few:

Homeschool records

If you have to keep homeschool records, a book log can be a great resource to use. You can track the progress they’ve made through their homeschool booklist or anything else they read throughout the year.

It can then go into your child’s portfolio or records that you present to the state each year.

Homeschool book log for kids

Encourage a love of reading

A homeschool book log is also a great way to encourage a love of reading. If you struggle with getting your kids to read more often, this can be a great way to help increase their motivation and enthusiasm.

You can also discover what types of books your child is interested in and see their reading progress over time.

You can use the free printable book log to help your kids develop better reading habits too, by helping them set goals and track their progress.

Kids are more likely to read when they know that parents and teachers care about their reading progress. Plus, it gives them a sense of accomplishment!

Celebrate their accomplishments

A homeschool book log is also a great way to recognize when your child accomplishes progress with their reading.

Not only can you celebrate them reaching their goal of reading a certain amount of books or pages, but when they reach higher levels in their reading.

For example: If your child is just learning to read, you might set a small goal for them like “read 12 books this month”. When they do that it’s great to recognize that and celebrate their accomplishment.

Then as they get older you can set larger goals with them like “read 100 pages this month”, or “read one chapter book a week”.

Homeschool book log for kids

What to Track in a Book Log

Let’s cover what you can track in your homeschool book log.

Date the book was read

For each book, write down what date the book was read on. You can either write down the start date, the finish date, or both.


Write down the title of the book.


Write down the author of the book.

Number of books

Write a number for each book that your child reads. For example 1, 2, 3, etc.

This is really helpful to create some pride and excitement for how many books they’ve read so far.

Number of pages

Write down how many pages were in the book that they read. For kids, seeing how many pages are in a book can really help them feel proud of themselves when they finish it.

It also helps to see how their reading skill is improving as the books get longer and longer.

Or, if you’re tracking your child’s daily reading, write down how many pages they read that day.

FREE Printable Homeschool Book Log

This printable comes in two different versions- one for younger kids and one for older kids. I’ve also included a black and white version and a colored version if you want to save on colored printer ink.

Homeschool book log for kids. Homeschool reading log printable. Free homeschool reading log.

Grab your copy of this Homeschool Book Log HERE!

Homeschool book log for kids. Homeschool reading log printable. Free homeschool reading log.

Grab your copy of this Homeschool Book Log HERE!

Homeschool book log for kids. Homeschool reading log printable. Free homeschool reading log.

Grab your copy of this Reading Log for Kids HERE!

How do I use the free printable homeschool book log?

Using the homeschool book log is super simple. Here’s how:

Choose the one that best suits your needs

I’ve included a basic book log in black and white and colored versions. Then I have a different styled reading log for kids.

The first version is best for daily reading. The second one works well if your child easily reads through an entire book.

Both book logs print out on an AVERAGE size piece of paper.

If you’re tracking daily reading, you’ll probably need a few copies each month.

Write in your child’s reading progress

Each time your child reads a book, have them fill out one of the logs. Record the title, author, and date read on the log. If they’re doing a good job at reading chapter books, you can also ask them to write down the chapter titles and mark their progress.

A simple book log is good for all ages, but if you want to push your child a little more then the detailed homeschool reading log will help them set goals and track their progress too!

Track your child’s reading progress over time

You can use the homeschool book log as a tool for setting goals and tracking your child’s reading progress over time. As they get older, have them keep track of the number of pages read and mark their progress on a scale from one to five stars.

This will give you an idea of what type of books your child enjoys and how well they’re doing with more difficult texts.

Conclusion to FREE Printable Homeschool Book Log – Reading Log for Kids

I hope you found this post helpful and that you and your child enjoy using the free printable homeschool book log!

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