FREE Christmas Alphabet Printable Worksheets for Preschool & Kindergarten

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Looking for a fun way to learn the alphabet during the Christmas season? Check out our free alphabet printable worksheets!

Whether you homeschool or not, the holidays can be rough!

The kids know Christmas is right around the corner, you’ve probably got a ton of extra decorating, wrapping, and cooking to do, and everyone struggles to get things done!

Which can sometimes make it hard for kids to focus. The best solution? Make it fun!

Instead of fighting the season, add it into your school day with these Christmas-themed letter worksheets.

These worksheets are a great way to help students learn their letters and practice writing them. The Christmas-themed designs make these worksheets extra fun for kids!

Plus, they’re free and you can download them right from your computer, so you can quickly get them occupied while you throw some more ornaments up on the tree.

Two pages with free christmas alphabet printable worksheets. Text says: Printable Christmas Alphabet Worksheets

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Free Christmas Alphabet Printable Worksheets

Christmas Letter Tracing – Lowercase

This worksheet helps your child practice tracing their lowercase letters. Each letter sits in a fun little Christmas tree.

Have your child trace each letter and then color the extra Christmas trees. For added fun, let them use red and green markers for tracing.

Outline of Christmas trees with lowercase letters of the alphabet to trace. Free Christmas Alphabet Printable - Lowercase letter tracing

Grab your copy of the FREE Christmas Alphabet Printable HERE!

Christmas Letter Tracing – Uppercase

These worksheets works on tracing uppercase letters. For each letter there is a fun Christmas version of that letter, then a line of letters for them to practice tracing.

Have them try different markers or crayons for some added fun. When they’re done, have them circle their best letter in each row.

Includes letters A-Z

Christmas stylized letters next to lines of dotted letters to practice tracing. Free Christmas Alphabet Printable - Uppercase Letters

Grab your copy of the FREE Christmas Alphabet Printable HERE!

More Christmas Alphabet Worksheets

Christmas Letter Matching – Uppercase and Lowercase

This fun and festive printable is perfect for helping children practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters together. It’s perfect for keeping little ones entertained while they learn, and makes a great addition to your Christmas learning activities.

Worksheets with uppercase and lowercase letters on ornaments. Text says: Christmas Alphabet Matching Printable. PDF Printable

Grab it here!

Christmas Letter Matching – Letter Sounds

This printable is perfect for helping children learn the sounds each letter makes. With festive Christmas illustrations, these worksheets are engaging and fun.

Letters next to Christmas pictures. Text says: Christmas Letter Sounds Matching Printable. PDF Printable

Grab it here!

To use:

  • Print out the pages. For added durability, use cardstock.
  • Cut along the dotted line of each page.
  • Have your child match each letter with the picture that starts with that letter.

For younger children, consider only practicing with 4-6 letters at a time to avoid confusion. For older children, go through the entire alphabet.

Here are some additional games to play with the alphabet cards:

Memory Match: mix up the letter and pictures and place them all face down. Then turn over two cards at a time until someone finds a match between the correct letter and picture. See who can find the most matches.

Letter Scavenger Hunt: Once your child matches a letter to a picture, have them see how many other items in the house they can find that start with that letter.

Tower Letter Sounds: Tape each card to a building block or Duplo. When your child makes a match, have them build a short “tower” for that letter.

Jumping Letter Sounds: When your child makes a match have them perform a quick trick. A cartwheel, spin in a circle, jump up and done, run around the room, etc. This is a great way to get more active kids to be able to focus.


I hope you enjoy these free Christmas alphabet printable worksheets. They’re a great way to incorporate the holidays into your child’s learning.

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Two pages with free christmas alphabet printable worksheets. Text says: Printable Christmas Alphabet Activities

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