5 Ways Beehive Helps You Feel on Top of Your Homeschool Schedule

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Are your days feel a little hectic and stressed? Tame the chaos with Beehive, a parenting and homeschool management app!

Do you often have days where everything feels a little crazy? Where you’re constantly scrambling to get everything done and keep up with your kids’ schedules.

Sometimes you’re running late because you can never keep track of the different practices and games between all of your kids. Or you’re struggling to keep up with projects and lessons and you’re worried your kids aren’t staying on track with their education.

It’s easy to feel like you can never stay on top of your homeschool day because there are so many things to keep track of.

Parenting by itself can be a bit overwhelming at times. Add in homeschooling and things can get pretty chaotic. Luckily, there are tools out there that can make life a little easier.

One such tool is Beehive – an app designed specifically for parents to help them manage their day-to-day tasks and schedules. In this article, I’ll give you all the details about Beehive and how this parenting and homeschool management app can help you dial back the chaos, get more organized, and feel on top of your day! 🙌

Let’s get to it!

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I was compensated for my time reviewing Beehive and writing this post. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided.

How do I organize my homeschooling?

Talk about a question I never thought I would ask myself. When I first started homeschooling I imagined everything would be all sunshine and rainbows.

I thought my kids and I would easily move from subject to subject, following rabbit trails, and exploring whatever topics caught our interest. It was going to be easy and natural.

Fast forward to 3 kids, a couple of part-time jobs, and neverending piles of laundry and I would be lost without some sort of system to keep our family organized. Having a plan or tool to help you keep track of what needs to be done and when is crucial, especially when homeschooling.

This is where Beehive comes in…

What is Beehive

Beehive is a parenting and homeschool management app that helps you track all of your children’s tasks and schedules and puts them into one easy-to-use platform. No more juggling multiple calendars and to-do lists or worrying if your child is meeting their learning goals, everything is now in one place.

The app was created to help support parents in all aspects of managing their children’s lives, including their education. In the same app that you track soccer practices and the next dance recital, you can also record their latest test scores and see where they need improvement.

As homeschool parents, teaching our children isn’t separate from our daily lives and responsibilities – it’s a big part of it. Beehive recognizes this and has created a tool that integrates homeschooling into the bigger picture of managing your family’s schedule.

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What’s included

With your Beehive subscription, you get access to all their educational content and all the tracking and planning tools. You’ll have free run of the app and all its features to help you manage your kids’ homeschooling day.


Beehive has different prices based on how many kids you have. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 1 Child: $14.99 a month or $125.88 annually
  • 2 Children: $24.99 a month or $209.88 annually
  • 3+ Children: $29.99 a month or $251.88 annually

The monthly plan is pretty affordable considering everything is included, but you can save quite a bit if you opt for the annual plan. They also offer a free 30-day trial so you can try it out and see if you like it.

To learn more about their FREE 30-day trial and subscription plans, head to the Beehive website.

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How Beehive Works

Unlike most parenting and homeschool management apps, Beehive isn’t just an online homeschool planner. It’s designed to be more of a companion app for parents.

It’s meant to help you stay on top of everything your child does, from homeschooling to extracurricular activities to doctor appointments. To do this, the app has 3 different sections: What’s Next, School, and Growth Plan.

What’s Next – Family Planner

The What’s Next section of Beehive works like a family planner. You can keep track of all your appointments, schedules, and daily tasks here. You can add events for each child and see them individually or look over all of your family’s activities in one place.

The app also allows you to set reminders so you never forget about that weekly piano lesson again.

Another nice perk is you can sync the events to your calendar on your phone, so you can keep everything top of mind.

Person in a white and green sweater holding a phone with the Beehive homeschool management app on it.

School – Grade Tracker

The School section of Beehive serves as a grade tracker. This is where you can keep track of your child’s learning progress and see how they’re doing in each subject.

You can track homework, tests, quizzes, projects, and even highlight great learning moments. You can also add notes for yourself or your child about specific lessons or topics.

I was able to easily add in grades for my son’s math homework and even noted a book that he read through successfully.

This feature is great for homeschooling parents as it allows you to easily keep track of your child’s progress and make adjustments as needed. Even if you’re switching curriculum, Beehive allows you to know exactly where your child is at in their education.

It also serves as a great resource for homeschool records and putting together a homeschool portfolio.

Growth Plan – Study Lessons

The last section of Beehive is the Growth Plan section. This is another feature that’s great for homeschool management.

The Growth Plans offer personalized lessons for your child based on their interests and needs. The app uses the information provided in the school section as well as previous lessons they’ve completed to create a customized learning plan.

The app also tracks their progress and grades for each lesson, so you know exactly what they’ve learned.

It’s like having a personalized curriculum built right into the app! And if you’re like me and have multiple kids at different grade levels, you can easily switch between their lessons with a few clicks.

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A woman looking at her phone with the Beehive app on it.

5 Ways to Use Beehive for Parenting & Homeschool Management

Now let’s talk about how you can use Beehive to help you get organized and better manage your homeschool day. Because Beehive isn’t just a regular homeschool planner or organizer, it offers some unique features that can make your life much more organized.

1.) Keep everything together in one place

The first way you can use Beehive to manage your homeschool day is by keeping everything in one place. No more switching between multiple apps or paper planners, everything you need to manage your family’s day-to-day life is now in one convenient app.

You can list out what lessons your child needs to do, what time they have dance practice, as well as the birthday party they’re invited to next weekend. It’s all in one place and easily accessible.

2.) Set reminders for important events

Another great way to use Beehive for homeschool management is to set reminders for important events. As busy parents, it’s easy to forget when the new session of tennis starts or the doctor’s appointment you scheduled months ago.

Beehive allows you to set reminders for specific events so you never miss an important activity again.

And, pro tip, you can use this for scheduling your homeschool curriculum too. Set reminders for that co-op project your child needs to work on or how far your child needs to be in their math curriculum by Christmas if they want to finish it by the end of the school year.

The reminders can help you keep your child on track with their schoolwork so they don’t fall behind.

Beehive parenting and homeschool management app on a phone.

3.) Update your schedule on the go

Another great way to use Beehive to get more organized is to update your schedule on the go. Because the app is on your phone, you always have it on hand to update and edit events as they come up.

I don’t know about you, but I forget why I walked into the living room 2 minutes ago. I don’t have much hope of remembering the details of the birthday party my kid got invited to at the park.

Being able to jot down the details on your phone right away saves you from trying to remember everything when you finally have a moment to sit down and update your planner.

4.) Coordinate with the whole family

Beehive allows you to keep everyone in the loop about your family’s schedule. You can add your partner to the app so they’ll be up to date on everything that’s going on.

If your kids have their own phones, you can also add them to the app. They can help keep track of their own activities and assignments. They can also make any edits or updates in real time.

This teaches them responsibility and time management as well as helping the whole family stay organized and on top of all tasks and appointments.

5.) Stay on top of your child’s learning needs

The last way that Beehive can help you get more organized and improve your homeschool management is by helping you stay on top of your child’s learning needs. In order to teach our children well, we have to be in tune with where they are academically.

Even if you’re using a curriculum that plans everything out for you, you still need to know where your child is at to help them learn and grow. Beehive allows you to track your child’s grades and monitor their progress. You can even create personalized lesson plans based on their needs.

You can catch any learning gaps early on and make adjustments as needed to ensure your child is getting the best education possible.

Beehive Growth Plan for Thomas on the phone.

What I Like About Beehive

Now that I’ve talked about all the ways Beehive can help with parent and homeschool management, let’s talk about what I personally thought about using the app. Overall, I think Beehive is great.

Even though I’m not super focused on grades with my younger kids, I still got a lot of value out of using the app to help manage our schedule and my children’s learning progress.

Here are some of the things I liked most about the app:

Engaging lessons

One of the first things that stood out for me with Beehive was that the lessons were actually really engaging. I honestly expected the lessons to be a bit of fluff that sounded good, but in reality, didn’t deliver.

Boy was I wrong! Since we’ve started adding the lessons from the Growth Plan, my son actually asks to do his math now.

The instructor is friendly and upbeat and makes even topics like shapes sound fun.

Everything in one place

For a homeschool management app, you really can’t beat the fact that everything really is in one place. I can update everyone’s schedule including school work, practices, games, appointments, and more all in one place.

Even as someone who loves using a paper planner, I liked being able to track everything in one app and update it on the go.

A woman looking at her phone with the Beehive app on it.

Easy to navigate

Another feature of Beehive that I really liked is that it’s easy to navigate. You can quickly swap between each child’s plan and schedule.

Plus, it’s super easy to add in events and grades. I also really liked that you can add pictures and notes to each entry.

As someone who is prone to forgetting the abbreviated note I wrote a week ago, this made it easier to remember why I added something in the first place.

Helpful reminders

The last feature of Beehive that I really liked was that I could easily add reminders for upcoming events. In fact, the app automatically reminds you to review your upcoming schedule every Sunday.

With 3 kids in several different sports, it’s easy for me to forget when practice or games are, so having a reminder is super helpful.

Beehive has helped me stay on top of all the things I need to take care of for my kids without worrying that something will fall through the cracks.

Beehive parenting and homeschool management app on a phone.

Who Beehive Would Be a Good Fit For

Although I think Beehive is a pretty cool parenting and homeschool management app, some families will get more use out of it than others. Here is who I think Beehive would be a good fit for:

  • Busy parents: If your family has a lot going on between appointments, sports, and events, Beehive will be great for keeping you organized.
  • You want an easy system for tracking your child’s progress: Adding in grades and schoolwork is as simple as opening the app and taking a picture. From there you can track how your child is doing across all their subjects.
  • You want to keep your child on track academically: With the ability to create personalized lesson plans and track your child’s grades, Beehive helps keep you aware of any learning gaps or areas where your child needs more help.

If any of those descriptions sound like you, you should definitely check out Beehive. Head to their website to learn more about how Beehive can help you better manage your homeschool life.

FAQs About Beehive: A Parenting & Homeschool Management App

Can I use Beehive even if I’m not homeschooling my child?

Yes, Beehive can still be a valuable tool for busy families even if you’re not homeschooling. You can use it to keep track of appointments, events, and tasks for your family all in one place.

How do I get started with Beehive?

To get started with Beehive, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Then create an account and add your family members.

They offer a free 30-day trial so you can try it out and see what you think.

Person holding a phone on a table with a notebook and earbuds and flowers. The phone has a picture of Beehive a parenting and homeschool management app.

Is my data safe with Beehive?

Yes, Beehive takes data privacy very seriously. They use industry-standard encryption to keep all your information safe and secure.

Can I add multiple children to the app?

Yes, Beehive allows you to add as many children as you need to your account. You can easily switch between each child’s plan and schedule within the app.

Final Thoughts On Beehive: A Parenting & Homeschool Management App

I hope this article has helped give you an idea of how great Beehive is for staying on top of your homeschool day. With so many things to remember and keep track of as homeschool parents, having a tool like Beehive can help bring more organization and less stress to your life.

I highly recommend giving the app a try. See how it can help make your homeschool journey a little smoother. Don’t forget to head to their website and take advantage of their 30-day free trial! 🙌

What resources do you love for parenting and homeschool management? Let us know in the comments or email me at admin@atouchofhomeschooling.com.

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