Want Your Kids to Focus Better? 15 Great Desks for Homeschooling

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For some kids, the right workspace can make or break their productivity and focus. Check out these desks for homeschooling that help your child dial in and get their work done.

My daughter leap-frogged from couch cushion to couch cushion as I asked her a math question for the fifth time. We had 25 minutes to finish her schoolwork before her brother woke up from a nap and her attention was anywhere but on her math.

I loved the idea of doing schoolwork on the couch. I imagined how comfortable and convenient it would be.

But the reality was we didn’t get much done. The temptation of bouncy couch cushions was too much for my daughter to resist.

It might have taken me a little while to realize it, but she’s one of those kids who needs a desk and a dedicated workspace to stay focused.

Picture of a mom high fiving her daughter and a homeschool workstation. Text says: Want Your Kids to Focus Better? 15 Great Desks for Homeschooling

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Why a Good Homeschool Desk Matters

When I decided that we needed a designated space to do schoolwork, my first thought was to use the kitchen table. The chairs aren’t nearly as fun to jump on as the couch and it’s already in my kitchen. Perfect!

Well, it turns out that buying an actual desk for homeschooling is worth the effort. Here are a few reasons why:

Focus, focus, focus

The first reason to buy a desk for homeschooling is it helps your child focus. Aside from having to dodge stray drops of syrup from breakfast, a desk is going to eliminate a lot of the distractions your child has on a couch, at the kitchen table, or somewhere else.

Routine and consistency

A specific desk for homeschooling can help establish a routine and sense of consistency for your child’s learning. It creates a clear separation between “school time” and “playtime,” which can be important for dialing back the chaos.

When we sit down at her desk, my daughter knows it’s time to do schoolwork, not time for another Minecraft discussion.

Contain the clutter

The last reason a good homeschool desk is a good investment is it contains the clutter. That book you’re reading aloud, the worksheets you printed off for tomorrow, and the lapbook pieces you forgot to glue down all have a home.

All your homeschool supplies and resources can stay on the desk and not ooze out into the rest of your house. Back when we used the couch, I would always end up hunting for the one random book or piece of paper that got moved but no one could remember where.

Buying a desk was worth it for this perk alone.

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What to Look for When Buying Desks for Homeschooling

Now that we’ve covered why a homeschool desk is a good idea, let’s talk about what to look for. Here are some questions to ask yourself when shopping for desks for homeschooling to narrow down your search.

Does it fit the space?

First things first, will it fit in the space? As much as I don’t like to, I hunted down my husband’s measuring tape and measured where I wanted to put the desk.

It’s worth the few extra minutes to make sure you get one that’s the right size.

Is there enough storage?

Next, decide how much storage you’ll want on your desk. Will you store lots of books? Would shelves be helpful?

My daughter is easily distracted. I wanted space to hold her books, but not so much storage space that we were tempted to stash things that would grab her attention.

How many children will use the desk?

An important question to ask yourself is who will use the desk. Will your kids be sharing? Do you need space for multiple children to sit at one time?

Will they take turns? How many computers need to fit on it? How many workstations?

You’ll want to decide ahead of time if a larger desk or two smaller desks would work better. A larger desk helps keep everything organized in one space but might make it harder for your kids to focus.

Buying two separate desks can cost a bit more and take up more room, but might keep everyone more productive.

You’ll know what works best for your family.

Is there enough room?

What form of schoolwork will your child use the desk for? Is it mostly paperwork or will they use a computer or laptop as well?

My daughter does a lot of her schoolwork on the computer, so enough room for monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse is a must for us. If you mostly do handwritten work, you can get away with having a smaller desk.

Is it comfortable to sit at?

Lastly, you’ll want to consider if the desk is comfortable for your child to sit at. If your child is squirming all over their seat because their desk is uncomfortable, you can kiss a productive homeschool day goodbye.

Take into account the size of your child, the height of the desk, and whatever chair they’ll use. All of these will impact which desk is most comfortable to sit at.

15 of the Best Desks for Homeschooling

If you’d like some suggestions, here are my favorite desks for homeschooling that will help your child focus.

1.) DLisiting Small Desk for Small Spaces

First on my list of desks for homeschooling is this small one from DListing. It’s just big enough for a laptop or a couple of books.

Perfect if you have one student who needs to sit down and focus without a lot of distractions. It also has a small pocket on the side for storage.

2.) Small L Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

If you want a desk that doesn’t take up too much room but still comes with some storage, this L Shaped computer desk from CubiCubi is a good choice. It has enough room for your child to work on a computer and do bookwork at the same time.

It also has room to store all of your homeschool supplies.

3.) ODK Office Small Computer Desk

If you’d like more storage, try out this computer desk from ODK. It has 3 drawers and plenty of shelving to fit all your homeschool supplies.

If you’re like us and your homeschool books and notebooks tend to disappear when left out, this desk is a good choice. You can keep everything in one place.

4.) Tribesigns Extra Long Two Person Desk with Storage Shelves

If you want a desk that allows you to teach more than 1 child at a time, check out this one from Tribesigns. It’s got room for 2 workstations with some shelving in between.

I love where the shelving is positioned on this desk. It allows for separation between the workspaces so both kids can study at the same time without feeling like they’re in the same space.

This cuts down on how much they distract each other. Hopefully.

5.) FEZIBO Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray

If you’ve got a squirmy child who would just as happily stand as sit down, check out this standing desk from FEZIBO. The desk ranges in height from 27.3″ to 45.5″.

It even has a motor for height adjustments so your child can switch from sitting or standing as needed.

6.) SEDETA 94.5″ Home Office Desks

If you want something with lots of desk space and multiple workstations, check out this 94.5″ desk from SEDETA. This is perfect for families with 2 children working on the computer at the same time.

The L shape in the middle offers storage and a place to get worksheets and bookwork done as well.

7.) Modern Home Office Desk with 6-Tier Storage Shelves

Next on this list of homeschool desk ideas is this one from HOMCOM. We already have plenty of desks for homeschooling. (I learned my lesson!) But if I was in the market, I’d be tempted to get this one.

The bookshelf is perfect for those extra curriculum books you’re saving for your other kids. And since it’s connected to the desk, it’ll take up less space.

Plus, if positioned in the corner or against a wall, it could create a nice little study nook perfect for kiddos who are easily distracted.

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8.) Melissa & Doug Wooden Lift-Top Desk & Chair

If you’d like something simple and compact for younger students, check out this desk from Melissa & Doug. It has just enough room for your child to sit down and do handwritten work.

It opens up to reveal storage for supplies and comes with a matching chair. Worth checking out if you need something smaller.

9.) BABY JOY Kids Desk and Chair Set

If you worry about your child slouching at their desk all day, this desk and chair set from BABY JOY could help. It creates the perfect sitting posture for your child while working.

It also has an adjustable desktop that lifts up to 45 degrees and a storage compartment underneath for books or other supplies. Great for keeping their work area clutter-free.

I also like that both the chair and desk can be adjusted to your child’s height.

10.) Brelley Kids Table and 4 Chairs Set

Next on the list of homeschool desks to help your child focus is this 4-person table from Brelley. If you have multiple young children, this is the perfect setup. The low height allows young children to sit comfortably at the table.

You can have room for 1 or 2 children to work while maybe some younger ones do worksheets or activities.

The table top is designed to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This makes it a great surface for arts and crafts.

The table and chairs are also height adjustable which is a nice bonus.

11.) Tribesigns 77″ Extra Long Computer Desk

Next on my top picks for homeschooling desks is this 77″ long computer desk from Tribesigns. This is another good pick if you have multiple students working at the same time.

You could probably fit 2 computer stations or 3 pen and paper stations depending on how old your kids are.

12.) KidKraft Wooden Study Desk for Children with Chair

If you need a desk that’s compact but still offers some storage, check out this one from KidKraft. It has drawers for supplies as well as cubbies and a small bulletin board.

I love the backboard on this one. As well as adding more storage, it creates more of a study nook feel to help kids focus.

13.) Adjustable Table

If you love the idea of a defined workspace but don’t want to be confined to 1 room, try this rolling adjustable desk from Dekhaoxe. When my son gets old enough for more handwritten schoolwork, I’ll get him something like this.

He’s fidgety and easily distracted like his sister. He’ll focus a lot better if we can easily move the desk from room to room and adjust the height for when he likes to stand.

14.) Claiks Electric Standing Desk

Here is another great standing desk from Claiks. It’s big enough to fit a computer and keyboard for online schoolwork without being so big you have to worry about it getting cluttered.

It also can transform into a standing desk with the push of a button. Perfect for those kids who need to move around while learning.

15.) Elephance Folding Desk

My last pick of desks for homeschooling that will help your child focus is this folding desk from Elephance. I love this one because it can easily be stored away when it’s not needed.

It’s great for small spaces or if your child needs to declutter their workspace at the end of each day. Plus, you can take it outside on nice days for a change in scenery.

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Suggestions for Squirmy/Active Kids

As much as a good desk can help your child focus, they can’t perform miracles. Some kids are naturally more squirmy and active. Here are some things you can try to help them stay focused.

  • Allow for breaks: Set a timer and let them have short, designated breaks in between assignments. This can give them an outlet for extra energy before returning to work.
  • Use fidget tools: Small fidget toys or items like stress balls can help active kids focus while working at their desk.
  • Incorporate movement into lessons: For subjects like math or spelling, try incorporating physical activities like jumping jacks or running in place to keep them engaged.
  • Consider a standing desk: Some kids may benefit from the option of standing instead of sitting at their desk. This can help them release energy and improve focus while working.
  • Try wobble stools: These stools allow for movement while sitting, providing a way for active kids to release energy without getting up from their desk.

Fidget tools are great for my daughter and my son does well with adding movement to our lessons. You might need to do a little trial and error to see which method works best for your child.

Final Thoughts on 15 Desks for Homeschooling to Keep Your Kid Focused

I hope you found some winners in this list of desks for homeschooling. Having a set space to do schoolwork was a game-changer in helping my daughter learn to focus.

She still takes occasional breaks to leapfrog over the couch cushions, but her schoolwork gets done a lot faster and smoother than it used to. A pretty big win for our homeschool day.

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